Reader matter:

My ex is still crazy me and that I’m dating their companion. About 4 or 5 months ago, I broke up with my sweetheart of seven several months. We just were not proper any longer. Today per month . 5 afterwards, the guy confessed they have and constantly will cherish myself.

Note: i am a teen, making this different matchmaking than adults.

What is the right course of action?

-Rebekah (U . S .)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

Dear Rebekah:

What’s the “right” course of action is actually an extremely different concern from just what “should” I do. This isn’t an etiquette question. This is a concern about your feelings, the thoughts of your own ex-boyfriend additionally the feelings of their closest friend.

You’ve got rather a nest of feelings to think about right here, darling. The most effective i will carry out is to describe a couple of questions to help you consider.

First of all, as he was actually your boyfriend, did you separation since you two are not appropriate or because you missed the opportunity to learn some conflict resolution skills?

And is your ex lover actually in deep love with you now, or maybe you have much more appealing as you are holding arms together with his best friend?

And think about the objectives of his buddy? Is actually he competing together with his pal or becoming a truly mindful boyfriend?

I differ to you about a factor. Dating for teenagers isn’t really unique of internet dating for adults. Every connection we have influences every other union we will have. The audience is teaching our selves as good partner our life.

Will you be learning to be type, loyal and truthful while getting clear about getting the requirements came across? Or are you presently bowing to challenges from dudes in attempts to feel “liked.”

My advice: work out who you might be, what you would like and talk that plainly to both teenagers. Its how you feel that issue right here.

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